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05 July 2011 @ 06:49 pm
sleep where have you been  
as alot of you know i've been having alot of issues sleeping for the last while it's now to the point that my pills Zopiclone doesn't help anymore it puts me to sleep but i'm up 3-4 hrs later (5-6 before my shift starts)

i've tired going to sleep without the pills twice this week and both times laid there for 2 hrs before taking the pills

it's getting really bad now and it doesn't help on the 3 days off i need up sleeping 12-15 hrs a day/night

i tried going cold turkey and that didn't work (very bad idea)

today i took one and a half pills and today for the first time in over a month a got 10 hrs of sleep on a work day,days off i sleep ok but the days i work i have a massive problem

i'm going to see my doctor next friday hopefully we can find something that works
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